My Fascination Anthem Builder



Part 1: Your Highest Value


Watch the video lesson for Part 1

When you fascinate someone, they’re focused on you, and your message. Your personality has certain fascinating qualities, and once you understand them, you become more interesting and more valuable to others.

This program is going to show you how the world sees you at your best, so you can describe yourself in just two or three words.

We’ll identify and articulate your most valuable traits, so you can be rewarded for what you’re ALREADY doing right. You can concentrate on the areas that come naturally to you.

Part 2: Create Your Anthem


Watch the video lesson for Part 2

Your Anthem is the tagline for your personality. It describes how you are different, and what you do best.

Follow Sally’s easy, step-by-step methodology to craft your perfect Anthem, so you can quickly communicate your value. Before you watch the video, download and print your workbook, so you can be choosing and crafting your words as you follow along.

Insider tip: Want more options for the words in your Anthem? Look back inside your Fascination Advantage® Profile.

The words in your profile were carefully crafted to reflect your personality’s distinct assets. Pay special attention to the sections about your Archetype Advantages.

Part 3: Live Your Anthem

Watch the video lesson for Part 3

It’s not enough to create your Anthem – you have to live it everyday.

When you communicate in alignment with your Anthem, you are at your highest likelihood of being perceived as valuable. When build your career around your Anthem, you’ll feel acknowledged and fulfilled, and you’ll have a favorable competitive position.

Together, we’re going to identify the types of situations in which you are most likely to excel, and find ways to re-create those situations as often as possible.